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The implementation of any project begins with a plan and an estimate. In order to understand how much it will cost to build or renovate a room, you need to know the approximate cost of materials and work. An ideal opportunity to call masters and measurers. But for this it is necessary to allocate time to inspect the object, and then wait for some time to get the exact cost of PVC windows. We suggest using the built-in calculator. To do this, on the "Calculator" page, you must fill in all the fields and mark the checkboxes of interest.

four leaf
tricuspidwith transom
individual design
balcony block
balconyblock cheburashka
Construction Parameters
Additional equipment
  • Окно №1

    Width:1300 mm; Height :1300 mm

    Двухстворчатое окно (Глухое, Поворотно-откидное), Цветной, Двухкамерный энергосберегающий стеклопакет