on Goodwin's window

Decorative overlays

on Goodwin's window
Application for measument
  • 5 years unconditional warranty 5 years unconditional warranty
  • Endurance Endurance
  • Bright colors Bright colors
  • Fire resistance Fire resistance

Aluminum decorative overlays are considered one of the most sophisticated and popular window decoration solutions. They are widely used to decorate arched, non-standard structures and the entrance group, give the architectural style of the building and the design of the premises vintage and lightness.

Decorative overlays are installed in the inter-glass space at the production stage.

The color of the overlays is selected depending on the color of the structure or design solution: white, brown, gold, laminated to the wood structure, double-sided.

Goodwin window constructions with decorative overlays will ideally emphasize the architecture of the house or design in the style of "chalet", "Provence", "baroque", "romanticism" and will give the interior a special status, sophistication and originality.

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