stylish unique design

Window lamination –

stylish unique design
Application for measument
  • 5 years unconditional warranty 5 years unconditional warranty
  • Endurance Endurance
  • Bright colors Bright colors
  • Fire resistance Fire resistance

Lamination of windows – this solution allows the construction to fit perfectly into the interior and exterior of the house. 

Goodwin offers the ultimate in interior design options. That is why we produce colored windows and doors that are able to emphasize and complement the most daring design ideas. Our line includes a wide selection of colors and decors. This variety allows us to offer an individual color solution for every situation. Whether it is an office, an apartment or a cottage, everyone can find an option that best suits the style of the room.

Goodwin is pleased to offer its customers a variety of lamination options:

    • One-sided lamination
    • Double-sided lamination (with the ability to make a model with a different profile color on the sides)
    • Bulk lamination (no white gap when opening)

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