PVС balcony

  • High energy efficiency indicators High energy efficiency indicators
  • Excellent static characteristics Excellent static characteristics
  • 5 years unconditional warranty 5 years unconditional warranty
  • Burglary protection class RC1, RC2, RC3. Burglary protection class RC1, RC2, RC3.
  • Strength Strength

The folding of the balcony with the Goodwin constructions will allow you to increase the space, make it comfortable, warm and functional.

  • Recommended profile systems:: Softline, Proline, Еuroline plus, Еuroline
  • Glass unit: single chamber, two chamber, Clima Guard Solar
  • Fittings: Roto NT
  • Lamination: more than 80 options
  • Design and decorative elements: wide range of handles, decorative covers and films

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