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Window seal

for Goodwin
  • High performance of sound insulation High performance of sound insulation
  • Strength Strength
  • Endurance Endurance

Goodwin uses high quality sealant for windows, doors and other structures. Also at the Goodwin plant, careful control of the correct installation of the seal is carried out, which has a significant impact on the characteristics of the window, its ergonomics, quality and service life.

Seals TPE

The thermoplastic rubber gasket is characterized by high temperature resistance, tolerates various climatic conditions and quickly regains its shape after compression. Excellent performance and energy efficiency make the TPE gasket the optimal choice for the production of quality structures and glazing of almost any object.

EPDM Seals

A continuous roll-in loop made of high-quality ethylene-propylene (synthetic) rubber does not pass drafts, but has high air and moisture permeability. This feature gives a feeling of comfort and coziness, regardless of the weather outside the window.

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