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Аbout company Goodwin

Goodwin has been present on the Ukrainian market since 2005 and today it is one of the leaders in the production of high-quality metal-plastic and aluminum structures.

From a small company for the production of metal-plastic windows, Goodwin has become a powerful modern enterprise capable of producing 1200 metal-plastic and more than 180 aluminum structures per day.

16 years
1 000 000 constructions
187 sales salons

Only high-quality materials and components

In the production of metal-plastic translucent structures, we use exclusively European components.

In 2013, the VEKA concern, one of the world leaders in the development and production of high quality plastic window and door systems, became a strategic partner of Goodwin Company. From that moment, the specialists of the Goodwin Company have developed a line of new products of light transparent structures from VEKA profile systems corresponding to class A with an outer wall thickness of 3 mm.

Self-made glass units from the Goodwin Sklo plant. In the production of double-glazed windows, glasses are used that meet the European quality standards of the Guardian company.

We use German Roto hardware from the world's leading manufacturer of hardware for plastic and aluminum windows and doors - Roto Frank AG.

There are two types of gaskets: a rolling-in EPDM gasket (made in Germany) made of high quality synthetic rubber and an extruded TPE gasket made of thermoplastic elastomers. Co-extrusion of the gasket takes place directly at the VEKA plant.

Competent organization
production process

Goodwin specialists work on modern high-precision equipment, which completely eliminates the possibility of errors in the assembly of structures and significantly reduces the production time. The use of high-class equipment, which is equipped with the production base of the plant, makes it possible to produce structures of various configurations and implement the most complex and non-standard solutions. We are constantly improving production technologies, as well as working to improve product quality. At all stages of the production process, strict control is carried out, which guarantees a consistently high quality of raw materials and final products of the Goodwin plant.

Goodwin has its own insulating glass unit.

Glass production is equipped with modern equipment and uses advanced European technologies in its work.

2 500 double-glazed windows
per day

The production base of the Googwin company is 7,000 sq. m.

There are workshops for the production of metal-plastic and aluminum structures, a workshop for the production of double-glazed windows, warehouses and a large fleet of cars.

Goodwin is constantly expanding the geography of its offices and increasing the number of official partners

Goodwin is committed to its obligations to Customers. By supplying to our Partners only high-quality and certified products, we make sure that the order is ready within the time frame agreed with the customer. Thanks to our own fleet of specialized vehicles, we provide free and timely delivery. We are also always ready to share our experience with Partners by conducting various seminars and conferences. All this allows Goodwin Partners to offer the Client highly competitive products and services of the European level.

To date, the company cooperates with more than

3 000 partners
14 regions of Ukraine

and creative team

As you know, cadres are everything: the final result depends most of all on the experience and professional level of employees. We managed to gather a young, promising and ambitious team of professionals and create all the necessary conditions for comfortable work. A well-coordinated and professional team allows Goodwin to do its job efficiently and achieve great results.

218 highly qualified

Strict compliance with international and domestic standards

All Goodwin products are certified in the Ukr CEPRO system and comply with DSTU B V.2.6-15: 2011. Goodwin offers optimal window configurations, the heat transfer coefficient of which meets modern energy saving requirements and meets the requirements of DBN B.2.6-31: 2006. All components used in the manufacture of translucent structures have the necessary quality certificates. Also, all the necessary tests were carried out, including durability tests (40 conditional years of operation).